4G's coming home with AIB Wireless

Date: June 2015

AIB Wireless, the RF specialist division of ADComms, recently completed a high profile 4G project at a leading London stadium.

4G project at Wembley Stadium

Having previously deployed the 3G cellular system within the hallowed grounds, the team from AIB was given a window of just four months to undertake the replacement of 32 antennae serving the bowl and 90,000 seats. Working with lead operator EE and contractor Flint, AIB engineers fitted out a central communications room with BTS equipment and RFoF (RF over Fibre) architecture, along with Remote Units and 4G compatible antennas located on the gantry.

With a capacity of 90,000 visitors, the stadium needed to be able to cope with the sheer volume of data generated by fans on match days. Clearly, the move to 4G is an exciting development, setting a new benchmark for other sporting venues.

Anthony Weller, director at AIB Wireless, comments:

“Given the massive growth in social media and mobile phone use in recent years, the established 2G/3G infrastructure was simply not keeping up with demand.
"We were asked to scope and deploy the 4G solution in the bowl during the venue’s quiet period which included Christmas and New Year. While this project was well within our technical capabilities, its practical implementation did test our team’s acrobatic and aerial skills. With 32 antennae needing to be replaced – often in inaccessible parts of the stadium’s lofty gantry – weather and health and safety considerations were a high priority.”

The successful completion earlier this year allows fans to watch replays of matches within seconds via their tablets or smartphones, send snatches of footage to Facebook (and other social media platforms) and pay for half time refreshments from the comfort of their seats.

The AIB team was proud to deliver this high profile project within budget and on time – another testament to the business’s commitment to planning, technological innovation and its people.

For more information, please contact St John White or Natalia Gameson at Prova on 01926 776900.