APM launch to secure ADComms growth

Date: February 2015

ADComms is well on the way to launching an initiative to fully align its Project Management skill-base with the FIVE Dimensions of Professionalism framework of UK national body, the Association for Project Management (APM), as a crucial staff and client investment to secure the company’s future growth, with 30 staff already qualified through the first phase.

The initiative will be delivered as an innovation-led programme of work under the sponsorship of ADComms Business and Innovation Director Neil Wilkinson. The programme scope will be delivered by five different projects.

APM, a registered charity with over 560 corporate members, is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe. The association is currently in the process of applying for a royal charter. ADComms has invested in corporate membership of the professional body, and is preparing to train staff towards achieving the APM’s internationally recognised project management qualifications.

“Enhancing ADComms’ project management capability is a substantial investment both culturally and financially that confirms our commitment to the sector,” says Wilkinson. “It’s an investment we are delighted to confirm to ensure better project alignment and enhanced delivery expertise across our work, thus de-risking complex projects for our client base.”

“APM’s vision is to create a world in which all projects succeed. This emphasises the importance of developing knowledge and skills in people as project management professionals. This aligns very strongly with ADComms’ business as a people-led provider of professional services, and thus has a significant long-term value to our company.”

“The launch is crucial to securing the company’s future growth,”
adds managing director Jason Pearce.
"ADComms has thrived in the past by developing a strong sense of community, but this can be difficult to maintain as a company grows. The APM initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to a professional and collaborative approach to complex projects and will accompany our BS11000 accreditation."

With ever increasing pressures on infrastructure projects it’s fundamental that ADComms are taking a lead with industry best practice enabling us to deliver projects safely, on time and on budget, for our growing client base.”

For more information, please contact St John White or Natalia Gameson at Prova on 01926 776900.