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Mersey Rail Leaky Feeder Design and Construction


Network Rail
Leaky Feeder Design

Project description

ADComms were asked by Network Rail to design a new Leaky Feeder Infrastructure to support GSM-R on the Mersey Rail Sub-Surface Railway and after successfully completing the Design for NR were awarded the GRIP 6-8 Construction phase.

Description of works carried out

The Leaky Feeder System Design accommodates a transparent handover between the Mersey tunnel coverage and over-ground GSM-R coverage on all routes adjoining the tunnels and was designed to EIRENE specification throughout. The Construction phase involves the installation of Leaky feeder cable in approx. 12 km of tunnels of varying construction ranging from Victorian brick lined to Concrete and steel linings. Coverage is provided by GSM-R BTS and Fibre fed repeaters placed in equipment rooms within sub surface Mersey Rail stations.

Installing Confidence