ADComms launches Beagle System to revolutionise passenger information

Date: December 2014

A revolutionary approach to passenger information, guaranteed to keep customers fully informed whether on the platform or aboard the train, has been launched at this year’s RTPI Conference (November 26, London) by ADComms (ADComms).

Called Beagle, the dynamic new solution uses real-time data taken from National Rail Enquiries’ Darwin system to keep passengers up to date on train arrivals at every point along their journey. Sent wirelessly to in-train and platform passenger displays, Beagle provides a robust and low cost method of updating customers during journeys, dramatically increasing satisfaction levels.

It is also designed to eliminate almost all of the train operator (TOC) system management required on current systems. As the data Beagle uses is 100% real time, the on train equipment is always up to date, negating any need for route or timetable updates. Furthermore, Beagle allows the asset owner to remotely monitor the health and performance of the on-train equipment.

The launch comes in the wake of The Passenger Experience Report, which highlights that passenger information provision on trains is one area where satisfaction levels are falling. Current on-train systems, which show information on train destinations, but neglect arrival times or delay notifications, are no longer meeting the rising expectations of customers for reliable information about their journeys.

An industry first in terms of its ease of implementation and low cost for such a system, Beagle presents a huge opportunity for TOCs wishing to rapidly improve their passenger satisfaction scores. The on-train PIS solution will:

  • Keep passengers on track with arrival times, delay information and scheduled departures at called-at stations
  • Improve passenger experiences using accessible, open data sources
  • Do away with the need for route and timetable configurations – Beagle is always up to date
  • Always be low cost and highly flexible for its users
  • Be easy to install and manage

Jason Pearce, managing director of ADComms, said:

“Our visual displays and related announcements communicate to passengers what they need to know in a simple way – informing of scheduled arrival times and estimated arrival times if your service is running late. All our real-time data is taken from National Rail Enquiries’ Darwin system and sent wirelessly at very low data rates to each train, keeping communication costs at a low and fixed level. No train upgrading or reconfiguration is ever required – it’s all automatic, keeping the on-train controller up to date at all times.”

Beagle can be quickly introduced to provide passenger information inside the train, on the front and sides of the train and also on station platforms, in areas where passengers will alight. It also uses a state of the art text-to-speech (TTS) announcement system to provide passenger updates. These announcements, the frequency and timing of which can be remotely adjusted, augment the displayed information for passengers with visual impairments.

*The Passenger Experience Report* (Spring 2014)

For more information, please contact St John White or Natalia Gameson at Prova on 01926 776900.