Telecommunications Network Equipment & Enclosure Refurbishment

The opportunities afforded by technological developments often arrive hand-in-hand with the challenges of decommissioning and disposal, as legacy equipment makes way for the next generation. ADComms has undertaken programmes for a number of the UK’s mobile phone operators covering the recovery of several thousand first generation radio base stations and the subsequent delivery, installation and commissioning of next generation equipment.

The programmes all take place on live networks and as such require careful planning to ensure minimal planned disruption to users, and no unplanned disruption. The programmes start with surveys to confirm asset information, current configuration, equipment condition and the condition of associated components, so that if there is an opportunity to undertake required maintenance or upgrade of other components alongside the radio equipment swap, it is taken and the savings associated with not having to react to a later failure are captured.

The implementation of the swap is undertaken by a single, multi-skilled team equipped with the skills to handle both the legacy and next generation equipment. ADComms rapidly brings the site, with its new generation equipment, back on air. The legacy equipment is returned to the ADComms’ integration centre, where it can be reconditioned, reconfigured and tested ready for deployment back into the network (often on the periphery), retained as a back-up, resold into markets where there is still demand for that generation of equipment, or disassembled and recycled appropriately.

Our capabilities include:

  • Switchover planning
  • Decommissioning
  • Recovery
  • Disassembly
  • Recycling
  • Disposal

Our key competencies in the discipline of decommissioning and disposal include:

Waste stream management skills and processes - Successful decommissioning and disposal is aided by an early start - the earlier the better - ideally designing with end of life in mind. It is also often the case that the development of technological advances and business changes such as mergers, mean that the process may start close to the end of the life cycle. Accredited to ISO 14001, ADComms is able to tackle these issues whenever they arise, planned or not.

Integration centre functionality - Programme managers have the choice of decommissioning and removing equipment straight to a disposal facility or using the integration centre to disassemble and recondition elements which may be of use or value. Having the ability to move equipment back to the integration centre allows programmes the flexibility they need to hit hard on-site time scales, whilst enabling ADComms to undertake complex activities with the recovered equipment that would be extremely difficult to do in a site environment.

Examples of decommissioning & disposal projects

Client: Vodafone
Scope: Site decommissioning and rebuilds, swapping one vendors equipment with another

Client: T-Mobile
Scope: Decommissioning and refurbishment program for radio sites



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