FTN & GSM-R Project


Network Rail

Project description

The Implementation of a National Infrastsructure for Mobile Communications-Railways (GSM-R) and a new Fixed Telecom Network (FTN) using Relocatable Equipment Buildings for Co located GSM-R Access Nodes (3.6m) and for FTN Core and Signal Box Nodes (7.2m).

Work Streams
  • Supply and Install specified Optional equipment
  • Install free issue equipment
  • Perform Integration testing
  • Store REBs
  • Deliver REBs to site
  • Installation of REBs at site

Description of works carried out

ADComms was awarded a contract in 2004 for the supply of Integrated Re locatable equipment Buildings (REB’s) at the company’s purpose built integration centre. This allows a controlled intake of equipment from many suppliers to be fed through systematic deployment into REB’s before shipment to site. Following the success of Phase 1 of this contract, the business was successfully awarded phase ii in 2008. Over 2300 units have been deployed.

The Project deliverable for ADComms encompasses the provision of Telecommunications equipment and additional works and in particular:

  • Procurement of a DC Power supply for the Telecoms equipment within the REB
  • Procurement of general installation materials ie cables and connectors
  • Marshalling and storage of Client free issue materials and equipment
  • Installation of the following equipment into the REB:
    • DC Power Supply
    • GSM-R Telecom equipment (BTS)
    • Repeater Hub ( for those REBs that feed into Tunnel repeaters)
  • Work Package Plans
  • Task Briefings
  • RIMINI planning where appropriate
  • Monthly and weekly reports to client including KPI’s
  • Applications for payment authorisation
  • Handover pack - Asset as-built documentation
  • Supply chain management
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