Handheld sets upgrade

Date: January 2016

On track to deliver: ADComms rolls out handheld sets upgrade with key new partnership

Working practices are becoming increasingly digital across our railways as a result of Network Rail’s GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway) upgrade. This includes plans to replace the analogue radio systems currently in place on our tracks which will bring improvements in safety and efficiency across the network by reducing the maintenance required on site.

In response, ADComms has formed a partnership with German company Funkwerk to supply handheld mobile devices for trackside workers across the industry.

The hardy and flexible RailFocX GSM-R OPH handset is designed to operate even when exposed to extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations, dust and high levels of humidity. Enabling safer conditions on site, RailFocX has been programmed with lone worker protection technology which can be easily tailored and customised using Funkwerk’s easily configurable, web-based tool.

Starting with maintenance and trackside workers, the handhelds will soon be available to train operators too, with a driver’s version of the technology provided to ease the communication process between the signaller and the train.

ADComms has a long history of supplying innovative solutions to the rail sector, including the delivery of a key infrastructural upgrade for Network Rail Telecoms (NRT) on the West Coast Mainline on budget and ahead of time across three locations earlier this year.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be launching this product partnership with Funkwerk,” said Rob Illsley, ADComms’ sales director, rail. “Access to GSM-R handhelds will work alongside Network Rail’s plans to maximise safety on our railways – a matter that is always a key area of concern for our sector.”