ADComms has an outstanding track record of providing innovative designs that are simple to implement, use and maintain. Our designs provide a step change in value creation and enable further development of the systems in which they sit.

Our capabilities include:

  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Electrical Engineering and Design
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • RF/Telecom Engineering and Design

Our key competencies in the discipline of modular engineering and design include:

Modularity of design – the removal of matched parts and the flexibility to expand and contract systems, in addition to delivering the originally targeted benefits of quicker, cheaper and better implementation. This also brings a range of increasingly important tertiary benefits including: more ability to multi-source parts from suppliers near and far and retaining responsiveness whilst driving economic benefit.

Cross disciplinary engineering and design skills covering civil, structural, electrical and radio frequency engineering. Delivering rounded solutions, sympathetic to the systems with which they interface. Solutions designed by an implementer and implemented by a maintainer, ADComms has a 360 degree view of projects throughout their lifecycle and is able to deliver beyond its remit at every opportunity.

Investment in skills, systems and technology has allowed ADComms to expand the bounds of modern telecoms design, and its engineers to contribute to the setting of new standards at both national and European levels.

Examples of our modular engineering and design projects

Client: Network Rail
Scope: Bespoke REB design and roll out for 2300 GSM-R FTN infrastructure sites

Client: Vodafone
Scope: 6000 containerisation program



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