ADComms commended at National Rail Awards for Salisbury to Exeter Signalling Re-control

Date: 27 September 2012

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ADComms attended the 2012 National Rail Awards on Thursday night, invited by Sarah Lloyd-Murray on behalf of Network Rail Western Re-signalling project team. A fantastic night where the business was commended as part of the project for exceptional teamwork.

ADComms worked closely with Steve Rose, NR Telecoms Project Engineer, Sarah Lloyd-Murray, NR Project Manager and the Telecoms Design Group (TDG) to deliver Salisbury to Exeter Signalling Re-control. The scheme consisted of a large uplift at Basingstoke, installation works, commissioning and circuit testing of 25 access nodes along the Salisbury to Exeter route, as well as fibre works.

The project involved some real firsts for NWR and ADComms, as it involved the first FTN site that used the new 1511 max mux, and the project also saw the largest number of commissioners on one scheme!

The team delivered the scheme within a very tight timescale over three phases with a completion of the final stage by end of March 2012. Delay in this could have been disastrous for the overall scheme as it would have been delayed for over a year.

There was close cooperation between the NWR team, NWR Technical Design Group, and ADComms to overcome a number of obstacles to achieve the required delivery date.

ADComms are proud to have worked on this project. Again proving that on technical and time critical work programs, ADComms delivers!