North London Rail Improvement Project



Project description

The North London line from Acton to Stratford will be resignalled utilising Axel counter technology as part of the North London investment project. A new FTN transmission system will be provided using SDH technology between Acton and Upminster.

Description of works carried out

ADComms undertook the following Installation activities:

  • Procurement of the following materials:
    • Monopole for repeater
    • Meter cabinet
    • Installation materials (cabling, Unistrut, connectors)
  • Delivery and Installation of free issue Co located REB (Relocatable Equipment Building) and TEH (Trackside Equipment Housing) equipment
  • Marshalling and storage of Client free issue materials and equipment
  • Installation and power up of additional transmission equipment to live existing sites trackside
  • Installation and Erection of Hinged monopoles for REB and TEH
  • Installation of Headframe and Antennae
  • Installation and termination of Coax feeder cable to monopole
  • Installation and termination of Power cabling and Earth connections
  • Installation of meter cabinet
  • Installation of hinged monopole for repeater
  • Installation of Repeater system and isolators
  • Installation of Repeater Hub

Items were delivered and removed from site by ADComms personnel. Drop off and pick up locations were detailed in the site specific method statement. The limits of the work site varied from site to site but in the main the work itself was generally within the confines of the telecoms equipment room.

Installing Confidence