Paul Drury presents Daniel Sims with a cheque for £1,500.

From left; Alex Heeps; Paul Drury, ADComms rail infrastructure response manager ; Jason Hackett; John Clark, ADComms site supervisor; and Daniel Sims, Pembrokeshire Frame's assistant CEO. (Alex Heeps and Jason Hackett are both Frame participants)

Press release May 2014

Communications Specialist Helps Local Enterprise Become Sustainable

A local social enterprise is on track to achieving its ultimate goal of becoming completely sustainable thanks to a generous donation from transportation communications specialist ADComms.

The telecoms and signalling network provider has given Pembrokeshire Frame the much needed funds to purchase the machinery required to become more productive in their log producing business.

ADComms has recently begun a project in the Pembrokeshire area to install Repeaters along a section of the track leading from Cardiff to Fishguard. Repeaters provide a boost to the network allowing greater communications between driver and signal boxes which ultimately ensures optimum performance for train networks.

The project required access to the track via Long Plantation a remote area of the Pembrokeshire countryside and, to ensure safety of workers and minimal environmental impact, ADComms has worked closely with Pembrokeshire Frame the social enterprise tasked with managing the vast area of woodland.

Paul Drury, Rail Infrastructure Response Manager for ADComms said:

“High performing telecommunication networks are important to the successful operation of rail infrastructure, with that in mind we work in many different environments and each provide many challenges, in this case our challenge was safe access to the site and Pembrokeshire Frames has been great in providing our team and machinery with clear access.”

Pembrokeshire Frame is a pan-disability organisation that provides a supported working environment for individuals with disabilities including mental ill health, learning difficulties and those socially disadvantaged or excluded. It encourages and promotes the use of sound environmental practices by extending the useful life of: furniture, bedding and curtains, clothing and other household items, and offering this at low cost for families and individuals around the Pembrokeshire area.

“The team and individuals on work and training placements at Pembrokeshire Frame have helped immensely which has meant our staff have been able to access the area safely and complete the project on time. It was only natural for us to want to repay their kindness and we are pleased our donation has helped the charity start on their journey to becoming a completely sustainable social enterprise, delivering much needed training and produce for the local community,”
continued Paul.

The Charity has also been managing privately owned woodland via its Blueskys project and aims to provide a low impact solution to managing and creating sustainable woodland environments.

Daniel Sims Pembrokeshire Frame’s assistant CEO commented:

“I cannot express how much this donation means to us - it’s a windfall! Our participants enjoy managing the woodland and earn valuable qualifications in woodland management. The work we carry out helps promote renewable energy in a sustainable manner.

“The money we have received from ADComms has propelled us forward in terms of business development, it has been our aim for some time to purchase machinery for a more productive log manufacture, and now we are able too! This will help us achieve our goal of a continuous supply of logs available from our showrooms to fuel local resident’s homes who can still feel good in the knowledge that these logs have a very low carbon footprint and produced by local people within their community.”

For further information and to find your nearest Frames showroom visit Further information on volunteering opportunities contact: Key Steps on 01437 763204.



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