The Scunthorpe Telegraph December 2014

Skills and safety vital where it matters most

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The Scunthorpe Telegraph December 2014

On track to digitalise the nation's railways

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The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 supplement 2014 September 2014

Leading telecoms group Core (which includes ADComms within its list of companies) are delighted to be listed in The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 2014. The league table ranks Britain's 100 private tech (TMT) companies with the fastest-growing sales over the latest three years.

The inclusion recognises the group's continued expansion within the telecoms sector and further underlines their success over the past few years.

Core’s CEO, Tony Greaves, commented : “It’s great to see the achievements of the team recognised by our second inclusion in the Tech Track”.

The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 2014 was published in The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 supplement 2014 on 7 September 2014.

Press release May 2014

Communications Specialist Helps Local Enterprise Become Sustainable

A local social enterprise is on track to achieving its ultimate goal of becoming completely sustainable thanks to a generous donation from transportation communications specialist ADComms.

The telecoms and signalling network provider has given Pembrokeshire Frame the much needed funds to purchase the machinery required to become more productive in their log producing business.

ADComms has recently begun a project in the Pembrokeshire area to install Repeaters along a section of the track leading from Cardiff to Fishguard. Repeaters provide a boost to the network allowing greater communications between driver and signal boxes which ultimately ensures optimum performance for train networks.

The project required access to the track via Long Plantation a remote area of the Pembrokeshire countryside and, to ensure safety of workers and minimal environmental impact, ADComms has worked closely with Pembrokeshire Frame the social enterprise tasked with managing the vast area of woodland.

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Railway Strategies Magazine November 2013

Strong lines of communication

Investment into both new and existing skill sets enables ADComms to take on more of the UK rail telecommunications market

Although the technologies around it have changed rapidly, ADComms has been a consistent force in the telecommunications sector for over 20 years. With a specific focus on the transportation and mobile telecoms sectors, ADComms Communications specialises in providing end-to-end telecoms-based services across a range of applications.

Within the rail sector the company has a successful track record of delivering solutions for Network Rail, including the Fixed Telecommunications Network (FTN) and Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway (GSMR) programmes. To date this has been focused on fixed trackside infrastructure but increasingly is widening to communications onboard the rolling stock.

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Achilles November 2013

Link-up is the only viable option for ADComms

ADComms is a privately owned company which specialises in providing end to end telecoms-based services across a range of infrastructure and applications, with specific focus on the transportation and mobile telecoms sectors.

The Challenge Back in early 2000, ADComms was actively engaged in trying to break into the Rail Sector. They also wanted to establish a recognised base-line capability that supported their efforts with bids. However, there was a very limited range of pre-qualification solutions available in the market that offered industry recognition.

The Process ‘ADComms joined Achilles Link-up in 2001 as a supplier. At the time they were delivering a new mobile Communications system to Network Rail; they found at the time being part of the Achilles Link-up community was not only essential to work in the Rail Sector, but the obvious choice for pre-qualification within the industry and the only viable option to win work on Network Rail Infrastructure.

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Railway Strategies Magazine November 2012

Communicating the Benefits

As the UK rail industry looks to update its telecommunications capabilities, ADComms offers its expertise

As the way the world communicates changes, the uptake and application of telecommunications technology has seen massive expansion in recent years, with industry increasingly looking to leverage its benefits. For over 20 years, ADComms has been at the forefront of telecoms infrastructure solutions, having started life developing and building networks for the mobile phone operators through the 1990s and 2000s. Today the company concentrates on rail telecoms infrastructure carrying out many aspects of telecoms working across both fixed and wireless infrastructure.

During the 1990s ADComms became one of the first companies to design and develop a containerised model as part of the Ericsson Group. The model essentially involved fitting out units in a production environment with telecoms equipment for subsequent network deployment. Utilising this method, the company installed over 14,000 units up and down the UK for the mobile operators.

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Installing Confidence