Achilles November 2013

Link-up is the only viable option for ADComms

ADComms is a privately owned company which specialises in providing end to end telecoms-based services across a range of infrastructure and applications, with specific focus on the transportation and mobile telecoms sectors.

The Challenge Back in early 2000, ADComms was actively engaged in trying to break into the Rail Sector. They also wanted to establish a recognised base-line capability that supported their efforts with bids. However, there was a very limited range of pre-qualification solutions available in the market that offered industry recognition.

The Process ‘ADComms joined Achilles Link-up in 2001 as a supplier. At the time they were delivering a new mobile Communications system to Network Rail; they found at the time being part of the Achilles Link-up community was not only essential to work in the Rail Sector, but the obvious choice for pre-qualification within the industry and the only viable option to win work on Network Rail Infrastructure.

Working on railways requires stringent and obvious health and safety presence which is very different to the telecommunications industry where fewer professional standards exist. ADComms not only subscribes to Achilles Link-up but also undertakes successfully the annual Achilles Link-up audit. ADComms became an Achilles Link-up buyer member in 2002 and are using the Achilles Link-up processes to identify and monitor risks in their supply chain as well as to expand into new markets.

The Results As a buyer, Achilles Link-up has enabled ADComms to identify risk within their supply chain and due to the thorough nature of Achilles Link-up, they are able to limit internal audits. The reports and qualifications available on Achilles Link-up also save ADComms the need to conduct full audits of non-key suppliers prior to engagement. They also use Achilles Link-up to identify a potential supplier’s capabilities and have found that working with non-Achilles Link-up registered suppliers within the rail industry does cause difficulties.

Achilles Link-up has offered ADComms business development opportunities and support with bids, resulting in the company winning more contracts with Network Rail and other companies like Murphy and Atkins within the rail industry.

In 2003, as a result of winning a Network Rail contract, the company even created a rail division exclusively focused on Network Rail work. More recently to support the growth of ADComms and in preparation of a takeover by a private investor, the company has looked at innovative ways to bring in more business including raising the awareness of their capabilities within the industry. Through diversifying their contact network within Network Rail, ADComms has won contracts outside of their previous core offering to Network Rail.

ADComms regularly monitors key competitors to keep up-to-date with market developments and to improve their company’s performance in comparison to their peers. This includes regular benchmarking exercises that are supported by the information available from Achilles Link-up.

“The Achilles Link-up Audit is thorough and proficient, if ADComms did not work in the rail industry, it is unlikely that we would need to put this much emphasis on achieving the stringent standards required by both Achilles Link-up and the Rail industry. The Achilles Link-up audit has improved management, operational and service processes internally for ADComms and focuses us to maintain high standards to meet the needs of our clients.”

Pete Rowlands, Assurance Manager (Rail)

“We couldn’t work without Achilles Link-up and ever since joining Link-up, we have worked closely with both Network Rail and Achilles to ensure we gain the best value for money due to the niche market that our company operates in. Achilles Link-up has provided us a valuable tool to manage risk, reputation and as a supplier, supported us with our business development requirements. Since our takeover in December 2011, the company has performed exceptionally well which has led us to winning even more business thanks to Achilles Link-up.”

Rob Isley, Sales & Commercial Manager



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