Going live: ADComms makes rail simulator resource available to industry

Date: June 2015

ADComms (ADComms) has made its new ‘live’ rail simulator resource at the company’s Scunthorpe training academy available to the wider industry as it continues to host an ever-increasing number of workplace training sessions and assessments.

Forming a central part of the training process for rail engineers, ADComms’ simulation facility provides a platform on which new telecoms can be trialled, integrated and developed, as well as giving trainees undertaking IRSE (Institution of Railway Signal Engineers) workplace assessments valuable, ‘live’ rail experience.

IRSE license candidates are now able to undertake their assessments without needing to plan real network disconnections in a simulated environment.

In making this asset widely available, ADComms is able to provide a solution to what is typically a significant problem facing IRSE candidates – the need to gain live network experience. Indeed, the academy is the UK’s first rail telecoms training facility to provide fully operational FTN and GSM-R reference systems in one place.

ADComms has also appointed one of the UK’s first IRSE rail telecoms competency assessors to review workplace assessments and guarantee trainee competency, which must be determined before an IRSE licence is granted. ADComms has recently put 15 of its own telecoms engineers through the IRSE licence programme, demonstrating its dedication to ongoing personnel development and maintaining high engineering safety standards.

“We’re excited to provide a real-time, live asset for the wider industry for its training needs,”
said ADComms training and competency manager Nathan Ibbotson.

“This exposure to next generation technology enhances students’ experience and provokes fresh, innovative approaches to problem solving and industry thinking. We’re confident our academy will continue to build on its reputation as a true forum for innovation and learning.”

Jason Pearce, chief executive at ADComms, added:

“We’re incredibly proud of the strength of our training systems, and this recent development will provide the wider industry with a valuable asset it can draw upon for training needs. Live, on-track experience is crucial for trainee engineers, but getting this in a safe and timely manner can often prove impractical. We believe our ‘as live’ simulation area can prove a strong alternative for engineers seeking to get this valuable experience.”

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