The Network Rail FTN GSMR network is unlike a commercial network and requires 100% RF coverage to ensure communication is present at all times. 'Holes' in the coverage have been identified in the network where the RF signal is operating below expected levels and ADComms has developed an innovative, unique and permanent solution for rapid deployment trackside.

We have collaborated with our partners to develop the product from concept through NWR design approvals, and can have it installed and commissioned on site within 3 weeks.

The uniqueness of the design means that the whole site and its foundations are hand carried to site, thus no possession planning, no trackside vehicles and it is fully installed and operating on the RF network within 24 hours therefore eliminating 'holes' quickly and effectively so that full coverage can be implemented.

Not only does the Rapid Deployment Site successfully remove these 'holes' from the network but it is time and cost effective with an estimated value of savings to the NWR program in excess of £2m.

Click below to watch the build of our Rapid Deployment Site


Rapid Deployment Site features:

  • Approved by Network Rail as both a temporary and permanent solution
  • Successfully deployed within the Network Rail infrastructure
  • Fully portable solution; no possessions, no wet concrete, no RRV
  • Deployed within 48 hours of site approvals with minimal trackside time
  • Typically 50% saving on traditional build models
  • 5–8 metre height and multiple head frame applications
  • Suitable for mounting a wide variety of systems including antenna, cctv and lighting
  • Patent pending










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