Robin Hood Kirkby Summit


Network Rail

Project description

The project involves the “FTN only” work for the re-interlocking and re-control of circuits from the East Midlands Control Centre (EMCC) to Shirebrook Junction (SSJA) and back, including 2 x SSI Circuits & 2 x TDM circuits plus numerous box to box circuits.

ADComms were responsible for delivering an End to End Turnkey project for Network Rail that involved Installation, Commissioning, Integration and Circuit Test.

Description of works carried out

New sites were installed at:

  • Kirkby Summit - Core Node
  • Mansfield station - 16b REB
  • Mansfield North - 16b REB
  • Shirebrook Junction TE H
  • Sutton Junction LC 1642 Level crossing
  • Bulwell Forest LC - 1642 Level crossing
  • Lincoln Street LC - 1642 Level crossing

Uplifts were installed at:

  • Pinxton Junction - 16b REB
  • Kirkby the Grives 16b REB
  • Linby 16b REB
  • Hucknall (Broomhill) 16b REB
  • Nottingham Basford 16b REB
  • Cedar TE H
  • Trent PSB Core Node
  • East Midlands CC Core Node

New Connectivity Requirements:

  • STM-1 Express link from Kirkby Summit (KIBS) to Trent PSB (TSBC)

Detailed Design Interpretation:

  • Scope of Works/methods
  • AS Builts
  • Test plan

Commissioning and Integration activities:

  • STM-1 Optical interface
  • PCMBIS (2Mb)
  • VF E&M
  • E3 (S5)
  • 64k (SSI) Co-Contra
  • OUPA cross connect expansion
  • RQ2 (IMF) integration
  • SCADA integration
  • Presentation of Test results

Items were delivered and removed from site by ADComms personnel. Drop off and pick up locations were detailed in the site specific method statement. The limits of the work site varied from site to site but in the main the work itself was generally within the confines of the telecoms equipment room.

Installing Confidence