ADComms shares vision for greener rail network at inaugural Sustainability Summit

Date: October 2015

The future of rail must be sustainable and environmentally conscious as well as digital, said Mike Hewitt, head of next gen networks at ADComms, at a talk to launch the Rail Sustainability Summit.

Mike outlined the key role technical innovation will play in delivering a more sustainable rail sector, and explained how ADComms has harnessed a wide range of technological innovations to drive this forward. Chief among this is ADComms’ GSM-R repeater work at Worlaby in Lincolnshire. The location is critical for operation communications and is usually subject to in excess of 30 visits a year for maintenance and refuelling.

To maximise the eco-efficiency of the site, ADComms is developing a hybrid power solution to support the GSM-R repeater with a back-up battery that is 30% powered by solar energy.

Mike commented:

"Rail has a well-earned reputation for being one of the more environmentally sustainable means of transport, but there is always room for improvement. ADComms envisages technology that not only enables the delivery of resilient and reliable infrastructures, but also achieves this in the most environmentally sustainable way.
"With such a massive programme of investment planned within the rail sector, it's important that industry leaders begin to think seriously about the sustainability question.
"The Summit was a fantastic opportunity for the sector to get together and share ideas on how we can work collaboratively to further progress sustainability practices for the future."

As Europe's foremost provider of rail telecommunications services, ADComms is acutely aware of the importance of environmental best practice within the railway. In 2014, the company began working with leading train operating company (TOC) Siemens to assist the firm in delivering a greener approach to inter-carriage cable repair and replacement.

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