Telecoms competencies boost

Date: January 2016

Telecoms competencies boosted at ADComms facility

ADComms is celebrating an industry boost in telecoms competencies, with the company announcing that it trained over 200 rail engineering staff in 2015. This included training for 20 field engineers at the firm’s Scunthorpe-based ‘live’ rail simulator resource in 2015.

Training provided includes guidance in optical fibre jointing and connectorisation. In making this asset available to the wider industry, ADComms is supplying access to the UK’s only fully functioning rail telecoms reference network. This provides engineers access to a near perfect simulation and is a vital tool when providing training on legacy and next generation telecoms systems. This now includes the latest blown fibre technology from Germany, the newest delivery system for optical networks.

“Launching a real-time, live asset to the wider industry to help meet its training needs has been an exciting development this year,” said ADComms training and competency manager Nathan Ibbotson. “ADComms has not only invested heavily in its engineering workforce, we’ve made it possible for other principle contractors and Network Rail themselves to meet their training needs, which has proven highly successful.”
“Throughout 2015, trainees using our facility benefited from working with the latest technology available. We’re confident our academy will continue to build on its reputation as a true forum for innovation and learning in 2016 and beyond.”