Course list

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ADCOM/TTA01 Railway optical fibre cable joint preparation & Splicing
ADCOM/TTA02 Railway optical fibre Spur Jointing and termination
ADCOM/TTA03 Multimode optical fibre cable for Rail application
ADCOM/TTA04 Railway optical fibre testing to FTN/GSM-R standards
ADCOM/TTA05 Railway optical fibre testing result analysis for managers
ADCOM/TTA06 Railway FTN/GSMR network overview
ADCOM/TTA07 Railway copper Jointing & termination
ADCOM/TTA08 Railway copper cable testing for FTN
ADCOM/TTA09 Railway data cabling for LAN's CCTV & DOO systems
ADCOM/TTA10 Railway blown fibre installation
ADCOM/TTA11 Railway cable avoidance (CAT & GENE)
ADCOM/TTA12 Aerial rigging for railway GSM-R structures
ADCOM/TTA14 Railway IP systems commissioning
ADCOM/TTA15 Railway FTN/GSMR enclosure maintenance
ADCOM/TTA16 Railway customer information systems (station & on board train)
ADCOM/TTA17 Station PA systems
ADCOM/TTA18 Cable installation for street works & Railway
ADCOM/TTA19 FTN networking and connectivity for commissioning staff
ADCOM/TTA20 Rail telecoms engineering professional (4 week boot camp)
ADCOM/TTA21 Telecoms Designer
ADCOM/TTA22 CISCO – CCENT & CCNA interconnecting devices
ADCOM/TTA23 Juniper - Junos systems operator
ADCOM/TTA24 City & Guilds 3667 unit 201 – Basic principles
ADCOM/TTA25 City & Guilds 3667 unit 202 – Optical fibre internal
ADCOM/TTA26 City & Guilds 3667 unit 203 – Optical fibre external
ADCOM/TTA27 City & Guilds 3677 unit 204 – Copper cabling

IRSE competency assessments also available for telecoms license category applicants & license holder renewals.



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